Urban Decay Concealer

Two times in a row I bought Nars Creamy Concealer as an all-around product to conceal some discolouration and blue skin around my eyes. And it’s lovely, but sometimes felt a little too heavy and would misbehave around dry-ish skin on my face. And just when I was about to re-purchase my 3rd tube, Urban Decay brought out its Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer from its NAKED range.

I won’t go for too long about it as everyone seems to mention it and make the same comparison. Nevertheless, I wanted to confirm what has been said: it simply reminds the Nars’ product with a little bit less of coverage but which feels much lighter and smoother on the skin, especially, around dry patches. The soft applicator grabs enough  of the product in one go to apply it under your eyes, around your nose and where else you need it. In addition, it costs around 21 € vs 27 € for Nars Creamy Concealer in Sephora.

This summer was quite sunny, so the colour I use [light warm] became too light for me. And knowing how quickly my tanned face transforms back to pale [read: dead face], I didn’t want to invest in a darker colour of the same concealer and instead thought of trying something from the drug store. My eye captured and my mom’s credit card graciously bought for me Revlon Colorstay Concealer for 11 €. I don’t feel like I can review it and the reason being the wrong shade for me to use the product on its own. There were only 3 shades of Colorstay Concealer in the shops: 02 Light [too light at the moment], 03 Light Medium [what I went for] and 03 Medium [way too dark]. And numero dos turned out to be still too dark for me and I ended up mixing my Urban Decay and Revlon concealers together to get the right colour. And the combo works out perfectly for me.

Nonetheless, here are my quick thoughts on Revlon Concealer when I tried it on its own at home:

gives less coverage than Nars and Urban Decay‘s ones

seems dodgy to me around dry patches 

hard to find the right colour

So, if you’re out on a hunt for a new concealer and haven’t tried Urban Decay NAKED Complete Coverage Concealer [the name of which takes longer to type than to apply] then I can’t recommend it enough!

And remember: you can conceal the little imperfections you have but don’t try to conceal your true self.

[so lame]

ok. BYE!