Traveling to England

To start of my blog I would love to share some useful [or not] information about the trip I took to England a while ago and enriched with some additional remarks and observations to make it more of a personal experience.Luckily, currently I’m based in Paris. Unluckily, I need a Visa. These two statements can only mean two things: tickets bought in advance can be incredibly cheap and the process of getting Visa can really stress you out. If you’re coming from Russia and a commoner like me, then you will need:

  • Patience of 2+ weeks
  • Assemble a bunch of documents concerning your existence, possessions, revenue and your intentions
  • Go through a long “quiz” on the government site
  • Pay a fee (at that time it cost me around 60 €)
  • Take an appointment at UK Visa center or what you have closest to you
  • Wait for the answer and be nervous about it
  • Did you get it? Well done! You’re not considered as a potential threat and they trust you won’t get accidentally try to immigrate

So now, after you’re sorted with all the Visa fuss you can actually take whatever transport you’ve booked and take off. Personally, as a student, I was looking for the cheapest mean of getting myself to London. And when I say cheapest, I mean it: My itinerary to London and back to Paris literally cost me 6.50 € (3 € one way and 0.50 € as a additional fee). Of course, to be that lucky, you have to book really in advance.  

Finally arriving to my destination, London met me with the sun [very lucky] and I head out to the hostel I booked near the Hyde Park, which is my favorite one.

London Hyde Park
In comparison to Paris, one major thing I so much love London for are its big green parks. Although, the Paris city planning is much better. You don’t happen to walk in its historical part
and then in the middle bump into a skyscraper. Nonetheless, every time I’m just staying in London for a night or two and don’t have a lot of time to thoroughly explore it. Underground fares I even don’t know. They are ridiculously high and don’t fit in my student lifestyle, so, I
preferred walking.

London 1

What is your personal experience of traveling to London or getting a UK Visa? Or maybe you haven’t been there yet and would like to visit? I would love to know your thoughts and stories! Or at least write down a comment below just because you’re still r e a d i n g [?!]

Cheers everyone,