Thermal Spring Water vs. Serozinc

It’s a summer time and the weather is boiling hot in Paris. Refreshing sprays are in high demand here. Today, there is a wide range of them on the market: from beauty sprays to give you that glow to those that are specifically aimed at acne-prone skin and I am talking about Serozinc from Roche-Posay. Sounds like a good news for those of use who have to battle with blemishes on a daily basis, right? But instead of just reviewing this product, I would like to compare it with a more common and popular Thermal Spring Water from Avène. So, let’s talk.

What’s their purpose?

To soothe, to cleanse, to calm. Especially good for a sensitive skin.

How do I use them?

I’ve integrated sprays in my morning skin care routine. When I wake up, instead of washing my face in the morning which I find drying for my skin, I use Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion and follow with the spray just after. It is soooo refreshing! My skin feels clean and ready for that moisturizer to sink in.

Serozinc from Roche-Posay

What’s the difference between the two products?

Thermal Spring Water from Avène is one of these sprays you can carry around and spray all over you throughout the day to refresh. On the other hand, Serozinc is more of a skin care step you use twice a day before you put your moisturizer and after you take off your make-up. Unlike Thermal Spring Water, it is more aimed at irritated and acne-prone skin. Just as a note, Serozinc Spray is salty. Not that I specifically tasted it…
Thermal Spring Water from Avène

Well, it seems that the two products are quite different, so why compare them?

Actually, apart from being salty, I don’t see how Serozinc is more effective. I re-purchased the product twice and never saw any difference in my skin, especially now, when my skin is not having the time of its life. Whereas with the same price tag and two times bigger, Avène’s Spring Water feels fresher on the skin and more effective. It was my product to go when I had that weird allergy reaction all over my face and down to my shoulders and I would also use it as an extra step to cleanse my skin by spraying it on a cotton disk when it was extra vulnerable and I wanted to avoid tap water.

Have you ever tried any of the sprays? And what do you make of them? Tell me all about it in the comments below!