Saorge | Exploring the South of France [part 4]

Yep, I’m not done with the series yet! We had one more beautiful town to visit on our drive back to the coast of Nice. And I would be damned if I didn’t share with you my photos from a lovely tiny village called Saorge.

As we were driving in the mountains, I noticed a few boards saying:


Village entre ciel et terre

Or a village between heaven and earth. And, indeed, it is. I know I say it every single time, but if you have a chance to visit it, please, do so. Saorge is listed among the most beautiful villages in France. As you can see for yourself, the village nests on a little mountain and bathes in sun beams. It’s just magnificent!

Saorge | Exploring the South of France

Monastery of Saorge

The last Franciscan left the Monastère de Saorge in 1988. Today it is a classified historic monument that is open for a visit. What’s interesting about the place is that it’s not only a monastery museum, but also a shelter for artists and writers who look for calamity and inspiration.

With a magnificent view on the mountains that surround the village, a population of roughly 450 people and rare visitors, they have plenty of both. Not to add, that the monastery has its own garden with fruit tress, vegetables and herbs.

Saorge | Exploring the South of France

Saorge | Exploring the South of France

Saorge | Exploring the South of France

Whilst there, we popped in a local boutique run by a woman who brings clothes and accessories all the way from Bali. I bought a beautiful silver ring with a shell encrusted in it that I wear every single day. It’s far-fetched, but it brings back memories of my trip and makes me want to come back and also to visit Bali? Hopefully, I can take off again very soon.


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