Road Trip To Saint-Malo

About a year ago from now, I met a wonderful friend with who I had a pleasure to share lovely memories of coming to Saint-Malo, a city that had been on my wish list for too long. To top it all, we did a road trip on her car, were singing Not Fair by Lilly Allen and indulging ourselves with delicious Breton crêpes and ice-cream.

This time I won’t advise on any particular type of transportation. I would say that a car or a train are the best options to get to Saint-Malo, but not the cheapest ones.

In Middle ages, Saint-Malo was a fortified island. Today it is a port city of Brittany that attracts about 40,000 tourists in the summer. Photographers, foodies and beach lovers will be more than happy. It is small but has it all to satisfy anyone: a lovely beach, beautiful historical sights and landscapes, yummy Breton food.

Saint-Malo 3

The region of Brittany is known for its out of this world delicious crêpes! I highly recommend you to check out this place:

Where to eat


3 place Jean de Chatillon,
35400 Saint-Malo, France

And while we’re at it, don’t forget to get an ice-cream…

Le Sanchez
9 rue de la Vieille Boucherie,
35400 Saint-Malo, France

Saint-Malo 2

Be prepared! It rains quite often over their, so, having a rain coat or an umbrella would be handy. We were lucky to have a sunny day and +27ºC, but there was a moment when we thought a thunder was coming.

My next destination is La Rochelle! One day…

Best wishes,