3 Products for Damaged Skin That Basically Saved My Face

I’m not sure how or why, but the Universe has been mocking me. For the past couple of months I’ve been battling against various skin problems as you have probably heard about from my previous blog post. And since then and until a week ago it was getting back to normal slowly but surely. Last Saturday I came back home late at night and noticed how much better it got. Little did I know that the next morning I would wake up to a face that looked like the one from EVERY PERSON’s NIGHTMARE.

[Trying] to keep the story short, apparently I had an allergic reaction for the first time in my life. Or not. The three doctors I visited never knew what the heck happened to me exactly. I went to bed with a normal skin at 1am and woke up with a face that is even hardly enough comparable to acne problems coupled with a fever. The crap on my face spread further down my neck and shoulders the following day. It happened violently (in 24-hours), but disappeared quite quickly as well to my sincere surprise, leaving me with huge discolourations as if someone put some blush instead of contouring. One thing I’m sure of 100% is that it was not any of my skin care products. So, it’s safe to share the ones that helped me to tame the beast and finally make it go away.

Thermal-spring-water-avene-damaged skinThermal Spring Water by Avène

When I woke up and saw the face that wasn’t mine on Sunday morning, I quickly jumped into my jeans, grabbed my bag and sprinted to the only pharmacy I knew was open on Sundays in Paris [because it’s France, dah]. First things first, I asked something for allergy. And as my face would definitely not tolerate any tap water I picked up Thermal Spring Water from Avène to help soothe my itchy skin that was on fire. I ended up using it for the whole week even to cleanse my skin by just spraying the product all over my face and softly swiping the rest of it after a minute or two with a clean cloth or a cotton.

About 6.5 € for 300 ml

Cicalfate-Avene-damaged skin

Cicalfate by Avène

NOT SPONSORED,although would love to, especially, since how much I’ve talked about this product in this blog post and just on social media. The only thing I would love to add is that it was a part of my prescription from a dermatologist who told me that Cicalfate Repair Cream already contained some amount of antiseptic that would help to soothe, repair and clean out my pores. That’s my must-have-product.

About 8 € for 40ml

antiseptic-damaged skin


Last but not least, I did a lot of antiseptic compress using a similar product you see on the photo. The one I used is over but the composition and the principe is similar and the same. I would take a cotton, damp it in the product and apply on affected zones [aka my whole freaking face] for 15 minutes, repeating the procedure three times a day. It helped me tremendously since the crap was on the surface of my face. Unfortunately, it is not as helpful if you have an under skin pimple. But if you have a general white thingy poking out and saying “hello”, then try applying it locally for 5 minutes. It was recommended to me by one of the doctors I actually know and trust.


So, here are the 3 products that basically saved my face. I still have no idea what happened exactly and why it was so brutal. Since then, I have a serious skin care obsession and think that it is something I am going to be investing in. After all, I have only one face for who the hack knows how many years.

Have anything like this happened to  you? Please, feel free to leave a skin care product recommandation in the comments below. I would love to hear all about it!

Avenue products for a damaged skin
  • Oooo skin is a tricky thing. I have bad skin in my genes so acne has been an issue for me FOREVER. Well… since I was like 14. But it has yet to be totally solved. I may look for these to see if they help.

    • I don’t want to say that I “completely understand” you as I’ve never had acne. Just some everyday one or two blemishes. And Effaclar Duo from Roche-Posay really helped me to treat them on everyday basis! Cicalfate from Avène is really good at “repairing” your skin. So, I switch between the two depending on what I feel like my skin needs.

      If you ever try one of the products, I hope it helps 🙂

  • M + K

    Avene is such an amazing brand for those with sensitive and troublesome skin! We love how gentle their products all are

    M + K

  • I love Avene products – they’re so gentle for sensitive skin!
    Great post 🙂

    – Ambar x