My Brow DUO: Brow Gel & Brow Pencil

Has you ever wondered why does your hair grow quickly and effortlessly in certain places you don’t want them to, but not at all where your eyebrows are? Well I have, and I still don’t have an answer to that question. I love my eyebrows and want them to be thick and on fleek, for them to shine on that pedestal. But instead, they refuse to be in that spotlight I am trying to put them in.

I don’t think I will ever get that Cara Delevingne look, but since my first eye brow product that step has become essential in my daily routine. In the past, I gave a feedback on a couple of products over here. After my second Clarins eyebrow pencil was gone, I went out on a hunt for something new to try.

Eventually, I found my happiness with BROWsatin from Maybelline. It is a duo-brow product: on one end it has a very fine pencil which is amazing at getting these fine lines and on the other it has a filling powder.


When I first got that product, the sponge with the filling powder didn’t appeal to me that much. All I wanted was the fine pencil on the other end. But actually, it comes in very handy and, as it says, is a good way to quickly feel in your eyebrows where you don’t care for precision.


I am very happy with the product. My color is medium brown which is not too orangy, not too grey. And guess what? The price tag is friendlier than the Clarins’s pencil. In France the price can very from 8 to 12 euros.


My second product is my first ever transparent brow gel! One day I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows were not looking very cheerful: all messed up and looking down. In France, we don’t have a great variety of drugstore brow gels, especially transparent ones. BROWDesign from Bourjois was my winner. And it was money well spent. The product did exactly what I wanted: it kept my eyebrows in place and in order. At the same time, a few seconds after application you forget you ever put it. It’s invisible and weightless.


The brush is a size of a standard mascara, which I had no issue with and found it was doing its job quickly and efficiently. Here’s the comparison for this of you who that might bother. Price tag: around 11 euros.

If you have any brow gel recommandations, don’t hesitate to share, I am up for something different next time.

Until then, have a good week everyone!