Herborist Silky Eye Gel

If your eye area is thirsty and you have some money to spend, then you might be interested in this luxurious eye product from Herbalist.

A couple of weeks ago I acquired two products from the Chinese brand Herborist and today I’m ready to review this Silky All-day Moisturizing Eye Gel. I cannot deny that the transparent consistency with floating green particles in it excites me greatly! It looks like a pot of magic green peas to me! But I will tell what these green peas do just in a minute. Keep reading.

As the brand name suggests, there are some plants involved: Noble Dendrobium (from Orchidaceae family), Chinese Asparagus, Chinese Foxglove and Chinese Yam. Good stuff! And the green peas are the Vitamin E. The eye gel comes in a luxurious glass pot and its top is a piece of art. Plus, you get a tiny little spatula to help you grab the green peas.


Personally, I can’t bother with spatulas. I get the needed amount with my finger and gently dab it around my eyes. A Gel formula is not my favourite but this product feels amazing! My eye area is not particularly sensible or dry, neither do I have under-eye bags or dark circles. I just need a good moisturiser so my concealer doesn’t look all dry and cakey. And this formula works out great for me.  Plus, if you put it in your fridge over the night it help you fight with your morning under-eye bags. I wouldn’t compare the whole experience to a silk sensation, but it feels like your eyes have been thirsty and you found a bottle of Evian.

Nonetheless, there are three things that are OK, but not cool. Firstly, I’ve never really got to apply a green pea. Again, I can’t be bothered spending my time to get it out. Secondly, the pot is fancy but it is a glas, meaning not travel friendly. And last but not least, this eye cream is priced at ~30 €! As a student, I got it only because it was on a promo for 9 € [not buying it for this price would be a crime]. The product is great, but I wouldn’t re-purchase it a full price. You can check it out here.

But I’ve got another recommendation coming soon that I would re-purchase. So, stay tuned!