Essie Cocktail Bling

For weeks I’ve been looking for a grey nail polish. And I already hear my mom sigh “grey colour again!” implying I’ve got a lot of it already in my wardrobe, which is not true, but she does have this image of me.

And last weekend I had a chance to shop in Germany at DM, I believe it was called. Special shout out to  my dear friends in Alsace who brought me there! When I saw the prices… well… I stocked some products.

As you must have guessed by now, this nail polish from Essie is the prisoner I took home with me over from Germany. And I couldn’t not to mention it here, because its staying power is like… AMAZING! I took the photo today but applied the nail polish exactly a week ago from now! It hasn’t chipped at all, even though I did some laundry and the dishes etc.

You just need 3 things:

 – Nail buffer

Cocktail bling by Essie

– Two coats of the polish

I didn’t apply any base or top coats because I don’t own any. Nonetheless, the product lasted on my nails for a very long time. Colour-wise, I like it! It’s not too dark and not too grey and dead looking but, personally, I would prefer it to be just a little bit lighter. Give it a go!