Empties #2

I’ve been holding onto these empties for some time now, meaning to write a blog post and let you know what’s yay and what’s nay. Some of the products have been previously mentioned on my blog, so, I will link the full reviews. And there are some that I’ve never talked about and would totally recommend!

So, let’s get on with it!

Beauty Empties | Eraser Dark Circles from Maybelline

# 1 Eraser Eye Concealer from Maybelline // 01 Light // around €10

[Sorry for the disgusting looking packaging. I don’t have a magic wand to restore it to the way it used to be 🙂 ]

This product have been on the market for a long time now and I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of it. The Eraser Eye Concealer from Maybelline was kind of hard to get hold of in France for some time. Now it’s re-appearing on the shelves priced at 14€. I put “around 10€”in the subtitle, because depending on where you are, its price varies. I first bought it in Alsace where I was staying at my friend’s.

No wonder this product is a must have on many people’s list! It goes on smoothly, cancels out the circles and stays on for a very decent amount of time. And it doesn’t look dry-ish by the end of the day which happened quite often with my very much loved all-arounder NAKED concealer from Urban Decay. I wouldn’t put that one on blemishes though. I used the Eraser uniquely under my eyes and quite liked the sponge for sliding it on and then blending it in with a beauty blender.

Beauty Empties | Effecter Duo from Roche Posay

#2 Effeclar Duo from La Roche Posay // anti-imperfections & anti-marks // around €10

I’ve mentioned this product many times before. It’s my personal must have. And I repurchased it way too many times! After my third or fourth tube of it, I decided to try something new. The one I’ve now is twice the price and doesn’t impress me as much as Effeclar Duo. I am definitely doing an in-depth blog post about the two products later.

For more info about this product you can read here.

Beauty Empties | Enlighten EE from Estée Lauder

#3 Enlighten EE cream from Estée Lauder // SPF 30 // around €40

This curious product has been hanging around in my beauty bag for some time now. It’s a skin tone corrector with a 30 SPF protection.

I liked the product. It has a very light coverage and cannot replace a regular foundation on bad skin days, but has indeed color correcting properties and gets thumbs up for high SPF! I have  more detailed review over here.

Beauty Empties | Lait Crème Concentré from Embryolisse

#4 Lait-Crème Concentré from Embryolisse // for all skin types // around €12 for 75ml

Another favourite of mine that I always carry around as a backup plan when my skin is particularly dry and looks dull. Depending on the day, I use it either as a moisturiser or on top of my current one as a primer.

I mentioned this product in this blog post.

Beauty Empties | Serozinc from Roche Posay

#5 Serozinc from La Roche Posay // Problem skin // around €8

I’m going to be pretty much straight forward about this product. I gave it a go twice and saw no improvements or any beneficial effects. So, I cannot recommend it.

Two products being quite different from one another, I wrote a blog post Serozinc vs Avène Thermal Spring Water if you are interested in why I compared them in the first place and which one is better, in my opinion.

Beauty Empties | Rêve de Miel Night Cream from NUXE

#6 Rêve de Miel Night Cream by NUXE // dry and sensitive skin // around €23

The whole skin care line Rêve de Miel by NUXE is pretty much amazing! My mom is a fan of the hand cream from the range and I have recently fallen in love with this product.

I like my night cream to be very nourishing. The one that doesn’t sink in too quickly, so I can massage it in the skin. And this night face cream is just the one I was looking for! As the packaging says, it’s “ultra comforting” and smells of honey [miel in French]. After a good night sleep I wake up with a plump and happy skin.

The product gets huge thumbs up and I will be re-purchasing it soon.

Beauty Empties | Clarifying Lotion 2 from Clinique

#7 Clarifying lotion 2 by Clinique // dry combination skin // around €24

As a step of my morning routine I always use an exfoliator. For a long time I was using a physical Apricot Creamy exfoliator from Freeman and then decided to switch to a chemical one.

I didn’t notice a huge difference in performance, only that Freeman’s felt a bit less drying. But all in all, I liked the Clinique’s one as well. It served its purpose of getting rid off the dead skin cells and was helping to make the little scars disappear little by little.