Empties #1

Empties! That’s the category I love to watch and read about the most. When people finish their products it is saying something and even if not a positive feedback than a definite one. And here I am with a couple of products from skin care to make-up, so, let’s make a quick overview.

Eye Gel from Herborist

Herborist Silky All-Day Moisturizing Eye Gel

I’d been religiously using this eye cream for almost a year. It’s quite a big pot and I did a full review of this when I got it over here. It was a nice under eye cream to use, quite basic and what I needed. Seeing that it lasted me a long time, I don’t regret getting it despite its price. Nonetheless, I am moving on to another one to try something different.

Spring Water from Avène

Avène Thermal Spring Water 

Don’t remember exactly how many times I’ve already talked about this product on my blog. A lot. So, I am not gonna go into the same details over again, you can read my story in this blog post. I will just say once again, I always have a new one in stock just in case and use it over whenever I feel like. Or I use it as a toner when I don’t need a thorough cleansing and want to keep my skin care routine simple.

Body Lotion from Uriage

Uriage Suppléance Body Lotion

I have a dry skin mostly everywhere on my body and use body lotions/creams practically every time after a shower. Especially, in winter time! And body lotion from Uriage is the one I recently finished and quite liked. Its parfume is nothing special and not overwhelming which I prefer because I leave the job to my parfume. And it moisturised my skin quite well. It is a 500 ml bottle for, approximately, 10 euros (in France) which is quite decent and I will definitely re-purchase the product in the nearest future.

High Impact Mascara from Clinique

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Waterproof on the left. Not a waterproof on the right. I tried them both after I fell in love with its sample which made my eyelashes look amazing. Well, guess what, the full-sizes didn’t perform in the same way. I found them quite basic and they were leaving marks under my eye brows throughout the day [yes, the waterproof one as well]. I normally like Clinique products and know people who get on well with these particular mascaras, but they didn’t work for me.

Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Last but not least, the concealer everyone had talked about over and over again and doesn’t need any introduction. But in case it does, you can head over here. I went through 3 of them. For the time being, I am not re-purchasing a new one as I’m going through a phase when I prefer to leave my skin as it is and let the imperfections poke through my BB cream.