Dodo Toucan | Unique hand-made objects for your home

Last Saturday I went to support my friend Sara who was presenting her hand-made chef-d’oeuvre for home at OILL (On Investit Les Lieux) event that reunites creators, artists and musicians. This post is kind of personal as I’m being subjective but at the same time I truly believe in what she’s doing and would love to support her in every way possible.

I’ve known Sara for more than 3 years now and she’s one of the most sincere, kind and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met. She started pottery and ceramics two years ago, I believe. And today she has a little atelier in Ile-de-France of her own where all the magic happens.

Dodo-Toucan-3 Dodo-Toucan-2

Dodo Toucan, the brand Sara created, offers you unique high quality hand-made pieces for home and table: tea-cups, mugs, vases, salad bowls and little animals and more. I couldn’t resist the little cute tiger (first photo) and got it for my mom, although, now that I look into his lovely eyes… He’s definitely staying with me and needs a company. I guess, Sara will be hearing from me quite soon. If you would like to see more of her designs and prints, please, don’t hesitate to check out her gorgeous site Dodo Toucanwhere you can find contact information or just contemplate her work as well as Instagram !

 My best wishes,