DIY Diary

I always loved DIYs and what can be more therapeutical after a long and stressful week than doing one of those? This weekend I would like to share the process of creating my DIY diary from scratch!

Keeping a diary is something I’ve been trying to get into since primary school. I was always this kid who wouldn’t write down her homework and call a friend later in the evening to find out what needed to be done for the day after. So in order to keep one, it must be to my taste and make me happy when I open it.

My hunt was unsuccessful. The diaries I saw were either ugly or too big, or too small, or too pricey. And just when I was about to give up, I thought why not to make one myself? And here’s the result:

It came out just the way I wanted it too! Although, here are a couple of things I would change aka tips for those who would like to make one themselves:

1. I was looking for a plain notebook with lined pages, but I think the ones with white paper would be better and more neat looking. By the way, I got mine from Paperchase.

2. If you line out your pages the same way I did, a thinner notebook will do.

3. A thicker paper is better. Have fun!


And What are your favourite DIYs?