In my short trip to England I managed to squeeze a visit to Cambridge which was the reason why I went to the UK in the first place. Not to see Cambridge which is absolutely lovely, but to hang out for a couple of days with my beautiful and talented friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

Natasha took me around this lovely university city and we ate delicious food and ice-cream and went to see Cloud Atlas as it was raining the second day [classic].


Cambridge turned out to be everything I imagined it to be: small, old, English, traditional and kinda young at the same time. Just walking around makes you feel inspired and wonder if you’re gonna bump into Monsieur Hawking.It’s also famous for being bicycle over-populated and these school type satchel bags. Another not specifically Cambridge related thing are book shops. We went to one of the WHSmith book stores and stayed there for at least an hour where I got a book called 1 000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephan Clark which I absolutely loved. It delivers you true historical facts in a funny way.

Cambridge 2
Transport tickets regarding, I took a bus via National Express and it cost me somewhere around 4 to 5 £ one way. The key is to get them in advance.

What are your favourite places to visit? Any comment is highly appreciated 🙂