Brussels | Basic travel information

Brussels was on my top list of cities to visit whilst I’m living in Paris. Firstly, because it was looking very promising. Secondly, it is rather close. And last but not least, the transportation expenses are quite low. On April holidays I went back home and just before that I finally had a chance to make a stop in Brussels for a couple of days which I will be talking about.

To start off with, as on other occasions I traveled with The way to Brussels cost me 15 € and I was lucky to grab a promotional ticket for the way back for just 1 €. Yep! 1 € to get from Brussels to Paris. The road takes around 4 hours and you have a wifi and a toilet on a board. What could you wish for more?

Brussels 1

Accommodation-wise, the best option was to book via The hotels were more expensive and hostels weren’t the most budget option. And the the brightest side of staying with airbnb hosts is that they will more likely turn out to be lovely locals who will gladly give you essential information  on places to visit and provide you with great tips on how to get around and etc.

Talking about how to get around, if you were in Paris then you will be familiar with the system. You can get 1 simple ticket from 2,10 € in Kiosk or any other sale point and take a type of public transport of your choice (metro, tramway, bus) that belongs to STIB, the main company. Now, looking at the company site, 5 and 10 tickets are no longer available and you can use these packages only on a so called Mobib card that you have to buy. The other option would be a ticket for 24/48/72 hours from 7.50 € with includes the zone all the way to the airport which is interesting.

Brussels 3In my next post I will talk about how to get around, what you should expect from the capital of Belgium and the public transport failure. Until  then…

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