Brussels | Public Transport Fail

In my previous post I talked about general information on public transport and accomodation. This time I would like to share my personal experience of visiting Brussels.

Firstly, I should mention that I had only two nights and three-ish days there. And two things happened at once: a wonderful weather [yay!] and a public transport strike [oh no!]… The timing couldn’t be any better. Nonetheless, I took it as a good opportunity to save some money and do some walking instead of being trapped in transport. By the way, as in Paris and London, you can take a bike to get around.

Another good revelation was that Google Maps is available offline and my mobile operator kindly provided me with free 3Gb of internet which made me feel safe!

Brussels 2As I was walking all the time it didn’t leave me any time to visit museums or anything of that sort, but on another hand, I got plenty of time to contemplate the beautiful architecture of Brussels. Grande Place is magnificent, nothing more to say on that, and just nearby there is a place called Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert which I highly recommend visiting! To my mind, I think that walking around and getting lost is the best way to discover a new city/town/location. But if you have no time for that, then check out that offers you quite a few themed walks. It’s especially interesting for those, who love Belgium comics.

Finding a place to eat turned out to be quite of a challenge. Especially in the evening. The strategy of walking around was completely ineffective and I spent more time looking for at least something and getting hangry than actually eating. So my advise would be: get it sorted beforehand! In the end I found some really good Italian restaurants BUT their staff was SO weird that I cannot recommend them without hesitation. And communicating with people was probably the strangest part of my experience in Brussels. The majority of people I tried to establish commutation with wouldn’t say ‘hello’ back or, in some cases, even look at me, or even ignore the fact that I spoke in French and would answer me in Flemish. [What?!] But then again, I have a tendency of getting myself in some awkward situations, so, I would not make any conclusions about Belgian people. But the service was definitely weird.

Brussels 4
All in all, I had a nice time in Brussels, it definitely should be revisited because I never got to enjoy their chocolate, waffles and Belgium fries which is a shame. But definitely next time!