Brow Bar

Very often when you don’t have something you want it. For instance, if you have straight hair you want beautiful waves and when your hair are wavy you straighten them  every morning.

Well, I don’t have Cara Delavigne brows and am desperate to at least get 30% of what she has! Thus, to help my girls to stand out and to, actually, make their presence noticeable I do use some brow products I would like to review.

Bourjois | Brow Natural

I will start off with the newest one: Brow Natural by Bourjois. Let me tell ya this product is a very good idea! It looks and feels [basically, it is] like a pointy felt-tip pen which draws fine lines easily and its staying power is awesome. In addition, I think they’ve got three well chosen shades. I have it in chatain. But here’s the downside of it… As you’ve probably guessed it by now, it dries out quite quickly and the tip of the pen becomes useless after 2 or 3 uses, so you have to tilt it to get some product out of it and the lines are not as sophisticated as the first time. Brow Natural is priced around 12 € and, well, I still use it. It’s ok. But it’s not as easy to get some product out of it as the first week I bought it.

Benefit | Brow Wiz Kit

Now clear a spotlight for the quirky product by Benefit: Brow Wiz Kit… And immediately throw some tomatoes at it! I haven’t seen negative reviews of this product in blogs or on youtube yet. Everyone seem to love it and find it fab. Well, I was very disappointed with the purchase. I found the colour too orangy [I have it in Medium], shaping and then colouring too much of a pain. Not to add, that throughout the day the wax made my brows shine literally and not metaphorically as I imagined. And without using the wax the powder doesn’t stay all day long. No matter how many times I gave it a go and tried different methods of application it would just look like a 6-year-old kid drawing: conscious enough to draw straight lines without messing up, but having no idea how brows should look like.  But not destroying the image of this product in your eyes completely: it has a good compact packaging and comes with everything you need. Plus, the powder and the wax will probably last you months and months. Brow Wiz Kit is priced at 34 €, which now looking at the price again upsets me greatly…I liked their pencil version though.

Clarins | Crayon Sourcils

And last but not least, the classic brow pencil by Clarins ‘Crayon Sourcils’. There’s nothing much to say. I love it. It comes only in two shades, but the shade I use [light brown] suits me perfectly. It has a decent lasting power [but not as long lasting as Brow Natural by Bourjois]. It’s powdery and easy to apply. The spoolie is useless though [UPDATE: they recently (September 2015) renewed the product by changing the spoolie to a classical one which is good!]. And as I’ve been using it for a long time, on the photo it looks very small. It isn’t! The crayon has 16 € price tag and is my winner for now.

I hope it was of any help to anyone out there!