5 Tips to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Growing your hair long is not an easy job. Growing healthy and silky hair is even more difficult, and I know it from my own experience. I don’t believe in miraculous pills or hair serum boosters. I tried quite a few of them and never saw the ROI (Return on Investment). Ten years passed, I found products and developed habits that get me the result I want.

Since I had my hair cut quite short at the age of 13, it would grow really slow and the ends would split and get dry, so I had to cut it off again and again to start anew. One thing I understood: you cannot grow healthy looking hair when the ends are already damaged. From the moment you have your hair cut, you need to take good care of it.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

My mom would always tell me that washing my hair too often was not good. And for the past year I’ve been trying to extend the time from two days to three or even four in between the washings. How to do it? Well, you just literally start washing your hair once in three days instead of two. Use a dry shampoo. The roots will gradually get used to it and won’t produce as much oil.

Plus, I massage my shampoo only in the roots, not spreading it down my hair, and I put my conditioner starting from the ends and half way up. This way it helps me balance where I don’t want too much oil and where I don’t want my hair be stripped of it.

As a result, I can get away with washing my hair once in three days AND the ends are much less dry, don’t split and are more flexible.

Grow healthy long hair

Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Depending on your hair type and the sensitivity of your scalp, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner that works for you is very important.

As I mentioned, the ends of my hair are quite dry, so I love to use products for dry hair. I’ve been also experiencing issues with shampoos lately: my scalp would get extremely itchy and irritated. I tried many shampoos and would react to most of them. The one that stayed on my shelf is the Advanced Hair Series by Dove.

I re-purchased Pure Care Dry Oil twice and now switched to Ultime Nourishment from the range. My scalp doesn’t react to these products and they keep my hair nourished and moisturised. I would only say to be careful not to use the conditioners on your roots because it makes your hair go greasy quite quickly.

Grow healthy long hair

You Don’t Need Expensive Hair Masks

I tested a lot of hair masks. Ranging from 7€ to 30€. None of them impressed me to the point where I would go “wow! this is doing something fabulous to my hair!”.

One day in the uni my friend Alma told me to simply put olive oil in the ends of my hair for 20 minutes or more. And I never looked back again. It simply worked.

During the time when I haven’t worked out my routine yet, I would be doing the mask every single time before washing my hair. It kept my extremely dry ends happy until the next washing. Depending on how thick your hair are you might even skip your conditioner when you do the mask. Try with a small amount of it and see how it goes.

Coconut oil works as beautifully!

Grow healthy long hair

Mythic Oil from L’Oréal Professional

This is a fab product and, believe me, you need it in your life!

Also advised to me by Alma, I got it from amazon for 13€ a year ago and still have a half bottle left. It says to suite all hair types and I agree. You don’t need to use it every day. Only when your hair seem dry and need something extra to make it feel nourished. I have long-ish hair now and one and a half pump is more than enough.

Too Hot or Too Windy Is Not Good For Your Hair

This goes without saying. Straighteners and curling irons are not good for your hair. I like to use them now and then, but only paired with heat protecting sprays. Luckily for me, I like how my hair dry naturally.

Also, every time I go for a run or there is too much wind outside I put my hair up or braid them. Letting your hair bounce like crazy or fly in all possible directions gets them tangled and damages it.


By the way, if any of you have tried a detangling product? I would like to add one to my routine but not sure they work.