5 Amazing Apps to Edit Your Photos On The Go

Although, I still largely prefer using my Canon 70D and editing in Adobe Photoshop, it’s a fast-paced world and I don’t have my photo camera or laptop with me at any time. Taking photos with my iPhone is a new thing I’m slowly but surely getting into. And with that goes using various apps to edit them and post on Instagram. So, here are 5 amazing photo editing apps I enjoy using and hope you might find them interesting as well.

Priime photo editing app


Priime is one of the latest additions to my collection and the first in this list, because I haven’t been using anything else to do basic adjustments: crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening etc. It has a very nice interface and doesn’t seem to degrade the original image quality. Plus, it has 8 free awesome filters that are brought to you by experienced photographers!

Lens Distortions photo editing app

Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is my favourite app EVER! I am a big fan of lighting effects and LD is perfect to add a beam of light in a corner to emphasise the beauty of your shot. It also offers other effects: shimmer, legacy or fog. You can play around with a number of adjustments that can make the effect so believable, no one will notice that fog is fake. I saw some amazing results of its overlays from other featured users on Instagram and highly recommend checking out this app!

VSCOCam photo editing app


VSCO Cam is another photography app and a community. I don’t use it as much for social media purposes or basic adjustments, but for taking photos and applying filters. The whole app has a very special vibe to it. Its filters are like no others and are authentic and beautiful. Plus, the ability to dissociate your focus area from exposure comes in very handy when taking a photo.

Snapped photo editing app


I used to use Snapseed a lot. And still do sometimes. With this app you can really get into adjustments of small details when tweaking exposure or saturation. For example, you can choose an area with a specific color and lower its brightness or contrast etc. It has everything to appeal to a photography nerd like me! I don’t believe it is used massively, but if you’re really into editing and have never used this app before, then, I cannot recommend it enough!

Over photo editing app


Last but not least, here’s the app Over. I came across this app just an hour ago and had a lot of fun playing around with it! I am yet to see its full capacity, but can already say that it’s amazing for adding some text to your photo. It has a very good choice of fonts as well as the ability to tweak spacing, color, position etc. And oh! Hurry! You can download it for free on iTunes only this week!


P.S. Unfortunately, not all of the apps are available to non-iPhone users. Still, I hope you made some interesting discoveries and am looking forward to checking out your photos! Cheers

Amazing apps to edit your photos on the go
  • VSCO and Snapseed are my big ones! There are so many amazing tones that VSCO has, but Snapseed is much better for adjustments in my opinion. Studio is nice for overlays and text!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Hey, Angelina! Thanks for dropping by! Studio sounds interesting, I will check it out.

      Cheers xx

  • I’ve only tried VSCO from these mentioned, but definitely want to try some others you talked about! Love posts like this one!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • I like the look of Lens Distortion, I’ve never heard of it before but love those effects. I used to use snapseed all the time, especially on my iPad app while I was traveling. I’ve heard of VSCO before but never used it. So LD is your fav out of all of these?

    • Hi, Hannah! Yes, in terms of adding effects, LD is my fav! I use almost every time I’m editing the photos I took with my iPhone. It makes it so much better and alive.

      You said you “used to” use snapseed, have you find an app you love better?

      • No not really, I just tend to do most of my edits on my computer in PS. And of course there’s always instagram for filters and stuff, I use that a lot lol.